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  • Hangin' to the side...

    After my left nut was removed May 1st of last year, I've been hanging a little lower and more to the side than when I had both. Recently, my scrotum has been uncomfortable down there. It almost feels like a chaffing/burning type sensation especially when my underwear/pants rub up against it. Over night, sleeping in the buff helps out.

    I just switched from boxers to boxer briefs to see if it would help (by keeping me closer and less "hang-y"). They seem to help a bit.

    Have any of you experienced anything like this? If so, what was your solution?

    Should I be heading to the doctor's again? I just had a check-up at the cancer centre (March 29th) and haven't heard from them, so I assume that check-up was clear.


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    keep asking

    I'm the mom...... I can't help but think that some structural changes occur over time. Even small changes make a difference. Just think about teeth. My thoughts are to keep searching until someone or an answer comes to you. Keeping an eye for any serious changes is the top priority, the comfort measures will follow I am sure. With this darn disease, no one needs extra bothers!!!! Take care, Russell's Mom, Sharon
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