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Hot Flashes 14 years Later?

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  • Hot Flashes 14 years Later?

    Hi all. I had a Mature Adult Teratoma (left orchiectomy) remove in March 1993 while I was in the US Navy. The Navy handled my treatment badly( 9 months of telling me I had epiditmitis or venereal disease, then woops, you have cancer! Remove the Testicle and off to a cruise to the Persian Gulf!) When I got back, I asked the corpsman (navy version of a medic) If he thought I should go have a follow-up appointment. He sent me to a urologist that educated me on what I actually had, pulled me off the ship and put me into a monitoring regime. I followed his recommendations even after I left the navy and worked in the Veterans Administration system.

    Fast forward to 2007. I am a navy reserve member that came off a rather taxing deployment in October of 2006. I have been depressed and fatigued since before getting back. I just attributed most of that to readjustment and winter blues ( I AM in North Dakota after all). I did notice my symptoms of depression getting worse. My mother has battled with bi-polar disorder for all of my life, so I am familiar with the symptoms of depression. I notice my own thinking going down similar lines as her, so I was thinking it might be a heredity thing.

    About a month and a half ago, I started waking up at night blazing hot, just to toss off all of the blankets, break out in a cold sweat, put all of the blankets back on, sleep for an hour just to start the process over again. The lack of sleep is driving me nuts. Last week in an EMT class I am taking, one of the student was talking about hot flashes she was going through with the instructor. It dawned on me then that what all I was going through was not all that normal. I did some research on the net and here I am. Sounds like low testosterone could be an issue.

    I have set up an appointment with a urologist May 3, 2007. What kind of blood work should I be thinking about? Any questions I should ask about follow up for the teratoma? Any other Advice?
    Mature Adult Teratoma removed 04 March 1993.

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    Have you had your testosterone levels checked? A fix for the hot flashes might be as simple as a hormone patch.
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      That is what I was going to a uroligist on May 3rd. I hope it is as simple as a patch. I plan to talk over with him a testosterone check. I have read that there are several kinds.
      Mature Adult Teratoma removed 04 March 1993.


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        Nice to welcome a 14 year survivor, although sorry you're having some trouble. Stress can disturb hormone balance as well, but if you've been home 6 months and aren't feeling better it's good your getting this checked.You are correct that your symptoms could very well be related to testosterone levels and not clinical depression.

        If you run a search on this site under "Testosterone Challenges" you'll find lots of posts on injections vs patch vs gel. You may trial and error on the delivery systems to find what works best for you, since it seems to be a personal preference.
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          I don`t like to write this and maby scare you, but I feel I have to.
          3 years ago I had the same problems as you hot flushes at night I
          couldn`t understand why I didn`t think about hormones at that point
          and I never thougt I would get testicular cancer again after 21 years but sadly
          it was.
          So I just want to make sure you are aware of this can happend again.
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          Best wishes

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            Thanks for your comments Kurt and Karen. I do a self check reguarly on the remaining testicle, but that does not rule out the cancer going into the lymphatic system. What I have read on Mature Adult teratoma, is that while technically benign, they can spread elsewhere in the body. I have not had a cat scan in several years, but I have been told that my lymph nodes were large, on the upper end of normal. This did not worry me that much, since there size did not change in ten years (radioligist compared the cat scan in 2003 to one taken in 1993). I do hope my problem is a simple one and not cancer returning. Thanks again for the support!
            Mature Adult Teratoma removed 04 March 1993.