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    My dh had pure seminoma of left testicle in Oct. Removed did radiation, Now has lump and pain in right. we are so nervous. He has been doing spinning classes. How often does it come back on the other side. What are we likely facing here?

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    i've been going through a similar situation. i had the left one removed (seminoma) and every few months i feel something that seems like a new lump.

    the only thing that has been able to relieve the worry is to go see the doctor and get an ultrasound done. so far everything has been fine despite a cyst on my epididymis, but you'll never feel at ease until its checked out.

    as for the spin classes, nobody seems to have a conclusive answer. i guess it can raise the temperature and could cause trauma, but there is no evidence that i know of that says problems are caused by spin classes.