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    hello all, my name is Pat i am 27 years old, i was diagnosed friday may 13th of 2005. I had my right testical removed went through three full rounds of chemo, has a blood clot in both lungs found in the middle of my second round, was put on stomach shots. ( oh bye the way i dont really know the names of my medications, or surgeries, my mother, my sister and my fiance are all nurses and they did all the medications info for me) i know that isnt a good excuse but as you all know it just isnt a good time of your life to remember every little thing. Since my cancer had spread to my abdomin i had to travel fom chicago to indianapolis for my abdominal surgery, that was sept of 05'. The reason i am writing besides to wish all you strong men good luck, is I am a mechanic and after everyday of work my stomach is in the worst pain ever.I am guessing from leaning on the fender of a car all day! I had 37 staples and it has been a year and a half, but sometimes wrestling with my nephew or goofing around with friends it is still sensitive. Is this normal? My chemo doctor said it is but i would like some other opinions from someone who might be in the same situation. Dont get me wrong my doctor has been great, as has my friends and family, but i dont know anyone personally who has gone through what i have been through. I would like to meet some friends on here who might be able to answer some of my questions from a personal standpoint please. I have questions on weight gain during and after cancer treatments, depression after cancer, and reality shock after cancer. I would appreciate some responses and god bless to anyone in this world going through this caancer. Patrick McCarron

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    Welcome the the forum! This is a great place to touch base with guys who have gone therough similar experiences and for all members to support each other in tough times and cheer in good. If you can tell us the stage and type of your tumor you may find someone here with the same thing. here mat very well be adhesions (internal scaring) from your RPLND that make certain movements uncomfortable. I assume and hope that you keep up with all follow up appointments. Post any questions you have and we'll try to help!
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      Hi Pat:

      Speaking from experience, it can take a while for the incision line to stop hurting. Eventually, the scar tissue will become softer and less likely to hurt, but it will never be the same. That being said, excessive pain could indicate that a tear or has occurred and you should get it checked out. Small tears can enlarge and develop into hernias. Your doctor should be able to press on the incision line to feel for any bulging that could indicate a developing hernia. Other that that could you lean on a piece of foam rubber of something to lessen the direct pressure on your stomach while you work?

      Best wishes,

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        Welcome to the forum. From your description it sounds as if you had an RPLND to remove some Lymph Nodes, if that's the case the soreness is quite understandable especially if you're leaning over a fender all day. It's not a good comparison but three years ago I split my thumb in half long ways and the seam on that scars is still a bit tender and that's nothing compared to what you had.
        As to the emotional issues that go along with cancer, in my opinion this is an area that the medical community needs to work on. If you watch the news you will see stories about how emotionally devastated combat troops are after returning from Iraq (no political commentary please) well what makes their life threatening experience any different then yours? If the are given automatic counseling why aren't cancer survivors? I'll tell you one big difference, when they get home their safe, the stress of your ongoing struggle will resurface every time you have a follow-up appointment. I also get annoyed with the people who have the attitude that says you’re a cancer survivor everyday should be a big bonus with nothing but sunshine and flowers. Let’s forget that and learn skills that help us deal with being a survivor. I have seen family’s who were very successful in their fight against cancer break apart when they had to deal with the issues of long term survivorship.
        All I can recommend is that you become as aggressive in treating the mental anguish as you were in treating the physical ailment.
        One last thing. Pleas have someone write down everything they know about you diagnosis and treatment. It’s fine if you don’t know it by heart but you may need that information in the future. If you can get copies of all your lab work and test results.
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          My RPLND took years to feel somewhat normal, and it still seems to be uncomfortable at times. If I had to lean over the hoop of car everyday I could only imagine the scar area would be sore. I think most guys get cut straight up the stomach however my doctor did the hockey stick cut (where they removed one rib). He said it gave him more room to work, but man, to this day I wish I would have had it done the other way (not that I will ever complain about my doctors, their all great). But to this day, everytime i sit for a long time my two ribs that are on both sides from the one that is missing click together and it hurts. It had made for a great daily reminder .
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            thank you

            well 1st of all i would like to thank all of you for the warm welcome. I have tried the rubber pad and it didnt help, i think just due to constant pressure on the area. I know there isnt any internal damage, like i said before i think it is normal (as my doctor told me also) its just takes time i guess. well thank you all for your comments, i really feel welcome, and i am glad i have this to turn too. god bless