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Abdominal Pain = relapse?

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  • Abdominal Pain = relapse?

    Hi everyone,

    I haven't been here in many months. Last June my boyfriend had his last round of chemo. Everything has looked really good, but he missed his April/May check up due to trying to finish up law school, which tc forced him to do an extra year of, and now he's telling me that for the past week and a half he's been having strange abdominal pains and he's making an appointment with his oncologist.

    Could that be a sign of relapse? Has anyone else experienced this?

    It's been a wonderful year of getting our lives back on line. The idea of going back to cancer and chemo kind of has my own stomach in a knot. Any help is appreciated.


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    It could be a sign of stress, ulcer, bad sushi (personal experience ), or any number of things. He does need to get to his oncologist and not skip follow ups, but don't worry that it's cancer at this point. Please let us know how his onc appointment goes!
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      My husband has experienced abdominal pain here and there. All of his scans continue to come back clean and show no signs of cancer. I would highly suggust to make sure he continues those scans and appointmnets. It is very important.


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        The oncologist who treated Jason has lost 2 patients to tc, both could have been saved if they stuck to the surveillance schedule that they were given. This pain will probably be nothing but it should certainly be a wake up call. Have your boyfriend/lawyer write up a contract mandating that he connot miss any other doctors appointments.
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          I am one year out of chemo as of Monday, with a checkup that was somewhat similiar to your boyfriends. I had been experiencing pain in my abdomen for the past month, and of course was absolutely sure that I had cancer again. Well since it was my one year appointment we did a CT scan and everything was clear. It turns out that the pain that was in my abdomen was diverticulitis, which is something completely unrelated to cancer, so don't sweat it until you know what is going on, because it could be something that is completely nothing.


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            Some times I have terrible lowback pain. God, It's a relapse sign ! ..i told myself. Wthin 2+ years of surveillance there was only a false alarms.
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