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Can TC be passed from Father to son?

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    I dont want to add another "very" to the worried mom name but...son 23 with Tc had undescended testicle as infant, it came down itself. dont know which one, just found out medical records are destroyed after 21 unless seen in the 6 month period before. Have another son 20, according to the article he has 8-10 times more risk of TC due to sibling. He also had 2 hernia repairs at age 11 and 12 which has been mentioned in some of the TC survivors historys. My father died of cancer in the 1960's age 59 of "stomach region" but in those days being young they never discussed it with me so will never know exact diagnosis. All I can do is ask #2 to please check himself regularly, I sent him the article and the link on self check and his response was "dont worry mom I have lots of people at college to help me check for lumps"