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    I never a had a 'health class' in school. If this class exists, (and I know it must in places) I don't believe it is a class taught in most public schools around the country. I would definitely support a 'health class' in high schools across the country. Perhaps it would be a mandatory one semester class required during Freshman year. It could be a forum for so many vital topics to be discussed and a way to inform soon to be young adults about much more then just TC cancer. Without federal regulation of these matters there is little consistency.

    In terms of what EVERY high school already has, meaning PE, I would suggest the following: First off, the only sex ed that I ever received and that I would venture to guess the great majority of students ever receive comes in 5th or 6th grade. Hence the giggling, snickering and plethora of jokes. Teaching subject matter that involve the genitalia to 9th and 10th graders however, is FAR different then approaching the subject with 5th and 6th graders. While it is necessary to teach sex ed at the early age at which it is taught, the subject of Testicular Cancer should be taught later, in high school, when male students are more mature and more receptive to the subject matter.

    Robert, I do hope you are right about so many schools teaching about TC, but it has not been my understanding or experience. My point is: standardized mandatory education at the high school level that leads to a consistent message across the country.

    I can understand varying opinions on how, when and where to implement this information. What no one can argue with however is the fact that those fajitas WERE fabulous.



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      Originally posted by Robert2112
      11 years ago, I never even heard of it. TCRC, Lance, Tom Green ( MTV won't run the series again because Tom is unknown to their audience) brought it to light. It has slacked off some in the last few years, but you will find that many school systems do indeed teach about it.
      Tom's special can be downloaded for free from his website ( Anyone who teaches, or knows people who teach, about TC in high school should utilize it. The new MTV generation may not be as familiar with him as someone my age is....but it's only been a few years since he was on so I'm sure people at least have some small idea of who he is.

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