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A different option for Testicular Appliances

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  • A different option for Testicular Appliances

    Hi everyone. I had a left inguinal orchiectomy on the 13th (july) and was fitted with a device from a company called AART. I was expecting a feeling of an "alien" device (Like a marble between the cheek and gum) and am very happy to report that just a couple weeks after my procedure it feels like part of me. I also like the firmness of the device. I'm told some of them feel too stiff. Like superballs. Anyway check them out if your considering an implant.

    - James186282

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    Thanks for your input! This topic comes up quite a bit, with strong feelings both for and against an implant.
    4/26/07 - mass confirmed w/ no elevated markers
    4/27/07 - left I/O
    5/2/07 - Dx: 100% seminoma stage 1A
    Surveillance: CT/blood (6 month cycle)
    4/27/13 - 6 years cancer free!


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      Thanks. One reason I'm posting my observations is that I spent some time soul searching the subject. My Surgeon (and his student) all checked mine out yesterday and after the test "squeeze" they stood talking about how different mine was. I asked them what the deal was and my Surgeon said that when I asked for the AART device he was a little concerned having not heard of them but he admitted it was more "natural" then the Mentor Saline devices. He said they Mentor Saline is much "Stiffer" / Alien feeling and that he hoped that the new device they were talking about would resolve this issue. One thing that motivated me to ask for the AART (Other then a Doctors suggested from UCLA) is that there is no silicone gel, water or anything else to leak if the device is damaged. And as I mentioned I really appreciate that they make larger sizes. At 31cc mine is large but not "abnormal" The largest Mentor was 20cc and while I don't view that as small its not very robust.