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  • Non-Forgiveness

    We all know that officially nobody knows the reason to get cancer.
    Non-Forgiveness, someone said?
    “Because you suffer too much?” “Because you think too much” “Because you keep everything in yourself” “You said forgive me but you don’t feel forgiveness”
    Is this fair?
    Are (were) we such people?
    Were the others more able to forgive?
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    People making supreme judgements should be careful. I believe that's considered blasphemy. I've had more than a few moments in my life I'm not proud of. None were ever done with malice to anyone. Do I desearve this fate? It's not for someone else to judge. What have children afflicted with this disease ever done? I'm not religious, but do consider myself spiritual. It can be argued that where we are now has elements of Hell. We all die. Perhaps those who leave this place early ARE the forgiven ones. Perhaps those afflicted have more of a sense of Humaity than the rest. Perhaps the rest are unforgiven. I won't make that judgement. I'd rather think the best of someone and be wrong, than think the worst of someone and be right. We're just a part of the Human condition Oscar. For everything that's gone wrong in my life, just as much, if not more has gone right. Let's leave the clueless comments to the clueless.
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      I would like to see that person look my son in the eye and say such a thing! I was just writing about not spending my time on anything that was a waste of energy. A very brilliant and spiritual person writes about the fact that disease does not have to be a deficiency or punishment as many like to find a righteous position behind. (my view is that we will all get a chance to look up from a horizontal position some day!!!) Disease can also enter in as a message, a change of direction, information that could not be found elsewhere. Happiness is one spoke on the wheel! Trying hard to keep all of my spokes attached to what matters. If I am worried, fearful, lost, confused....dealing with a disease ...I am still attached to the whole, no less than my moments of gratitude and forgiveness! Russell is not less because of his cancer, yesterday he shared that he is better than ever. We will walk with all of the others at Relay for Life today. I am bringing my sunglasses because the light from the halos may just be too much to deal with!!!!!!!!!!! Shinestong!! Sharon
      PS I noticed that you have sunglasses on....!
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        There is a precedent

        The precedent was 3 mates of a guy called Job. The logic was "if you've suffered calamity, you've done something wrong". Trying to "comfort" And so the good book says, God said they misrepresented him. They're still at large today!

        To my mind, the key question isnt "why?", (as there are plenty of examples of people suffering with no apparent cause - and therein lies mental torture) but "How?". How do we get through this?

        In my experience, my faith made a real difference, but so did strength from lots of people on sites like this to know we're not alone in facing this particular challenge.

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          Wanna play the blame game?

          I've read through this thread, and wonder? I've been through or rather as still in the post period of TC. The concept of my lifestyle being a cause of it are total rubbish. TC affects people for no reason what so ever, it just is.

          Trying to find something to blame it on is a useless outlet of energy. Focus your energy on curing it and getting back on with life.

          I felt during and even now that perhaps I should owe an explanation as to why I had cancer. But really there is no explanation, particuarly TC.

          When each of us goes through this we find things that work for us, god or higher powers. But to all never ever feel its something you deserved. It just happened and if you are reading this and feel maybe you should, then think about this.

          You figured out you had testicular cancer and have gotten treatment for it and hopefully surviving. So where did that bit of good fortune come from.

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