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radiation and having children

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  • radiation and having children

    After an orchiectomy and radiation treatment two years ago, I know there's a lessened chance of being able to have children. My husband is getting a fertility test in a week. But he is worried that if he can still have children, is there an increased chance of deformity or birth defects? Will the fertility test indicate it if there's a problem of that nature?

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    I believe that a fertility test will only determine if sperm are viable and motile. I can't give you a definitive answer on the risk of birth defects, but I suspect that there is not really any carryover effect from the RT at two years post treatment. There have been a number of heathy children born to folks on this forum who had either radiation or chemo.

    Anyone else aware of any data on this subject?

    Best wishes!
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      My boyfriend Steve wsa diagnosed with cancer on April 16th, had surgery on the 19th and was not scheduled to start chemo until May 15th. Because the cancer was spreading so quickly they moved up his chemo start date to May 1st. Everything was happening so fast. We had no choice but to go to the cryo sperm bank on April 30th just days after his surgery. Unfortunately it was not successfull. It's already tough when you are under pressure to perform, and not to mention you he was still recoving from his surgery. It was heart melting to both of, but Steve's health was more imortant.
      I know God has a plan for us. And if he wants us to, we will have children one day.
      Our Oncologist told us not even worry about it. He said he has patients come back who have had twins!

      I was just wondering if the're any of you who have had children naturally after treatment???


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        We have several members each year who have healthy children without any medical intervention. The banking of sperm is purly a precaution.
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