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    My case is rather unique because (1) of my age of 48 and (2) the fact that I had a lump on my right testical for more than 30 years. I was first made aware of a possible serious problem 6 years ago by my doctor during routine physical exam. He was a retired surgeon who indicated he was quite familiar with TC. At that time, he indicated by (1) texture, (2) size and (3) no lymph node enlargement that the mass was probably a slow growing seminoma. If I were to follow-up further with tests and an ultrasound, they would probably want to remove the testical. Furthermore, it would most likely be removed some years down the road as the masses tend to enlarge or become hard. After the exam, I soon forgot about it and went on with my life. This was probably not the best thing to do.

    Well, 6 years later and a different doctor and then urologist:
    1. 4/5/05 Notice a slight change and become concerned
    2. 4/11/05 Ultrasound
    3. 4/12/05 HCG=71 Normal AFP
    4. 4/22/05 HCG=129 no AFP tested (I had to request this one)
    5. 5/4/05 HCG=231 AFP=18.3 (just before IO)
    6. 5/6/05 RIO-- No VI, No EI, 65% Embryonal, 15% Yolk, 5% Chor...
    7. 5/18/05 CT Scan-- clean / Chest XR clean
    8. 6/3/05 HCG <2 AFP=5.9

    My post op blood test has confirmed clinical stage I NS T1 TC.

    My word of advice for anybody hessitating the IO since the lump has existed for such a long time or has low levels of HCG or AFP is to repeat the blood tests. Also, I found that the home pregnancy tests (~$10/test) could easily detect my HCG levels from day to day. At HCG=71, I was half pregnant; at HCG=129, I was fully pregnant. As of 6/3/05, I am thankfully no longer pregnant.

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