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    First of all I would like to say hello to everyone. After going through some of the threads its nice to know their are some great folks to communicate with. I just would like to share my story as I'm now going through the battle with TC. I'm still not sure if the chest pains I've been having for 4-6 months has anything to do with what I'm going through, but it has help detect my current problem. Sometime in March or April I started to notice that I've been getting chest pains. In May they started to get real serious, with my family history of heart disease I started to panic. I went to the emergency room and was told I had pnuemonia. After taking the antiboitics a few weeks later I noticed the pain was back and getting serious again. Since my job has unstable hours and the weather getting warmer I couldn't get in to see my GP, so I went to the er again. This time the doctors (after running all the ekg, blood work, chest xrays) told me they couldn't find anything wrong and the diagnosis for pnuemonia before was wrong and that I must have pluersy. Finally after not getting the right answers and the pain not going away I finally got in to see my GP. He did a full physical on me and came across my abnormal testical. Now mind you I have known for long, long time something was wrong with one of the boys but was just to embassered to talk about it. So the doc checks my testie with a light and has this concerned look on his face. He schedules me for a ultrasound. June 26 I go for the ultrasound they say the procedure only takes 15-20 minutes I'm in there starring at the ceiling feeling very uncomfortable for almost an hour. Ok so my mind is wondering, they say the test results will be in a week. I recieve a call from my doctor saying he wants me to go to a urologist and hes concerned. July 12 I go to urologist and he tells me right after shaking my hand and introducing himself to me that I have cancer. Said he didn't want to do a biopsy just wanted to remove it so it wouldn't spread. Now feeling like I just got ran over ny a semi I didn't know what to say. He wanted to do the procedure on July 20, I had to decline because my birthday was on the 21. So I have the operation on the 27.

    I arrive at the hospital (Metro Health in Cleveland 30 minutes from my house) at 6 am. They take me back to the prep room. Around 7am everything started to move so fast everyone coming in and out. The anisiologist was messing up my right hand so bad trying to put the IV in I had to kick her out of the room and almost went home. Her boss came in and had no troubles with the left hand. Now whats really funny is they told me all what was going to happen and none of it went the way they said but it went in a good way. At 7:30 I got on the operating table and all I remeber was setting my head down then all of a sudden waking up in pain. I was fumbling with the air hose in my nose man that thing itched like crazy. The nurse yelling at me to leave it alone, then I tried to sit up. Big mistake. The nurse gave me some morphine, good stuff. Then for some odd reason she gave me a percaset on an empty stomach, now that was a really bad move. Had motion sickness wheeling me out of recovery and on the way home. At 11:30am they booted me out of the hospital. My girlfriend was driving me home and on the middle of the interstate she had to pull over to let me throw up. I got home and was feeling sick all day. Fortunatly for me for some odd reason I was up and walking around the next day. I wanted to go to the store, which the girlfriend objected to, in my new truck. Sadly I had to listen to her because I couldn't even get in to drive. Monday I was out and about but had pain.

    First visit to urologist after surgery, one week later, the doc told me The results were in and I had seminoma cancer. Said it was what we wanted and he thinks we got it all because he ran the blood work and ct tests before remove and said everything else was normal. Said in about 4-6 weeks from the surgery that I would get with an oncologist and have to go through radiation treatments. Also said that the abnormalty that I first fell with the testy was a cyst on it and then it turned into a tumor. So anyway I go to the oncologist on Sept 10. Not really sure what to excpect but from reading some of yuor post I have a general idea whats going to happen. I just want to take the time to say I hope everone in here nothing but the best and godspeed to all. Sorry this is such a long post but just needed to get some ramblins off my chest. By the way still having the chest pains actually feels like its in my rib cage or muscle not sue what to make of it. I know it cant be a pulled muscle cause if that was the case it should have healed already since I've been out of work for a month. Oh yeah and for some reason I've been having migraines for like two weeks now. I love how you hear that you have cancer and every little thing you feel might be related to it. I will keep in touch with my progress as everyone else does. It is great to find a support group this great.

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    Hey man,
    It is with mixed feelings that I welcome you into our club. Despite the cancer diagnosis, I am glad to read that you have found us. People here share many experiences with this beast, so you'll be able to find some guidance from people.
    What you have described about your orchiectomy sounds about par for the course. It is great that your recovery from it is going as smoothly as can be. Just remember that there should be no heavy lifting!
    I do have a couple of questions to fill in some blanks. Your post notes that your testicular pathology showed seminoma (which is supported by the fact that your bloodwork shows no tumor markers). Of all the types of testicular cancer, this one is presumably the easiest to treat. There is something that I do find worrisome, and perhaps if you have any information on this, it would quell my curiosity. You said you have had a chest X-ray that came clean. Have you had a CT scan done? If you haven't, it is crucial that you get one done (pelvic, abdominal and chest). While the markers and the pathology help, the CT scan will also aid in directing the course of treatment. You are right in saying that radiation is a possible course of action, but if you have large tumors in your retroperitoneal lymph nodes (located on your back, near the kidneys) or the spread is further along, then the correct course of action is chemotherapy. The CT scan will be able to help determine this.
    Feel free to drop a line whenever you want. Take care, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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      Welcome to our community. Believe me you're not the first to associate every ache and pain with cancer. It's quite a common reaction. I know the lung problem has you concerned but between the scans and x-ray if it was related to cancer the doctors would know. One thing you should do is learn as much as possible about testicular cancer, a great palce to start is at this link..
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