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    Hi guys had the op last fri supposed to be an outpatient appointment in/out in one day went under the anesthetic 15:10 woke up about 17:10 the nurse said it took them an hour to revive me (was the first time i`ve had general anesthetic)when i woke up was in extreme pain felt like somebody was repeatadly whacking my bollock(the one that isnt there anymore) with a small hammer gave me 2 morphin shots no effect at all, so took me back to the ward gave me a tremadil and i had to eat something had that passed out, woke up about 21:00 still in agony had 2 cocadoml tabs and thankgfully the pain went hooray!! the nurse came round said my sister phoned and she sounded very angry somebody had decided that there would be a change of plan and i would stay in overnight but hadn`t phoned her to let her know poor sis was going out of her mind with worry and couldnt get through on the phone this was the first time i knew of the change of plan also which was fair enough i guess cause i was unconscious most of the time, fell asleep again woke up about 24:00 with a wierd sensation down there which i took as i needed to have a pee called the nurse(nice woman named dottie hehe) wasnt sure if i could get up for the toilet she said yea thats was fine gave me a hand putting me daps on poor thing got an extreme closeup of my incredibly swollen bits (just call me mr grapefruit) poor thing she goes hehe, so off we waddle to the toilet, she must see some sights
    was quite funny( man john wayne had nothing on me), also very strange having a pee when you cant feel anything down there, waddled back to my bed had to lay on my back only position that didnt hurt, but everytime i started to doze off i would let out this humongous snore waking meself and others back up lol so didnt get much sleep but i was quite high by this time on painkillers so didnt mind too much so anyway here i am sitting at home writing this but i`m still grapefruit size should i be worried? wasnt told of this before the op so not sure if it`s normal in these situations

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    Hey dude,
    Great to hear that the surgery is dne with. The soreness is quite normal, but you should expect it to subside in the next few days. The swelling will also end, but that will take a couple of weeks. A good tactic is to wear sweatpants or other loose clothing, otherwise the swelling could be painful. It's a bummer that you have had pain issues, but do take the pain killers if needed. Try to wean yourself off them because the narcotics will constipate you, and the last thing you want to do is strain while going "number two". Best of luck with the recovery, and let us know when you receive the pathology report. Cheers,
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      Glad to hear the op is behind you. You might also notice some wierd bruising. Not unusual for the side of the penis to be purple, (but really freaky looking). If you do need to continue the pain meds, ask the doc about taking stool softeners, like Fed said, you don't want to have to strain.

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