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Anyone experiencing separation anxiety??

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  • Anyone experiencing separation anxiety??


    Ever since my other half was diagnosed with TC, over two years ago, I've always felt that as long as I'm there, he'll be ok, but that when he's on his own bad things are more likely to happen.

    At the time, I used to get quite panicky when I was away from him for any length of time. But even now I get quite scared when he goes away to stay.

    Funnily enough, it's not just cancer that I worry about. It's as though facing up to the idea that cancer can happen to us, has made me realise about all the other things that could happen to us too. So I worry about all kinds of things.

    I know it's not logical, and I never give in to it and ask him not to go, but I do find it hard to deal with and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this? And if so, if you have any good methods of dealing with it?

    People keep telling me that I can't focus on all the bad things that could happen, but although that's probably very good advice, it's not particularly helpful!


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    I tended to worry a lot, myself. Ever since Dan and I moved in together 2 years ago, I started worrying about him, my family and my friends a lot more. I worried about people getting into car accidents, getting diseases, how they spent their money, etc. I guess I felt like I had so many good things in my life, that I was terrified of losing them. So I would imagine the worst just to prepare myself.

    We got married two days before chemotherapy started 3 months ago. So I haven't had much time to worry about my family members and friends. Even though I wouldn't wish cancer on Dan, I realize what a nice break it is to stop worrying about everybody else. And now that Dan got the disease part of my worrying, it has made me realize that the "worst" has happened and we are both going to be fine.

    Your partner has been given the gift of survival. Enjoy it.