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what symptoms do you have when tc is in the lungs

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  • what symptoms do you have when tc is in the lungs

    Is there any way to tell if you have a tumor starting in your lungs? In between blood work and ct scans?
    I get pains in my upper back & rib cage and then I wonder if it is tc. I haven't gone one week with out pain somewhere on my body it is mostly an aching pain in my legs or neck or chest or back ect: I am thinking of going to a hypnotist It must be a mental problem or maybe low testostrone, all the docs say I am fine.If I would only feel normal for a month 30 days in a row then maybe I would agree with the doctors. I am glad that they say there is nothing there but I feel something there, like my throat it feels like a lump is in there it makes me cough when I put my head down to type on the computer.ct scans were normal one month ago. Does a chest ct scan show your neck area?

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    Anxiety is a serious problem for people who have been effected by cancer. It's normal to associate everything with a recurrance. If you are able it's a good idea to talk to a professional. I think all patients should.
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      I think what you are experiencing could be anxiety. And please don't think I am down playing what you are feeling...stress can feel just as real/painful as any illness. You have been through a major shock and ordeal and I think if the doctors are saying your scans are clear, then it could be anxiety playing tricks on you. I am not not sure if this will help but we were told by our doctor that Boyce's cancer would not cause him pain per se, that (in his words) 'many times cancer is not painful, but the treatment can be'.

      I am not sure how to comfort you but to say that you are not alone. During Boyce's treatment, both of us looked into every ache and pain...even I did on myself and I did not have cancer. But we were so scared that every itch on our bodies turned into worry.

      I hope you will find the comfort you need so you can rest easy.

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        I sometimes go through the "associate every ache and pain with cancer" routine. It stinks, but remind yourself you just a CT and everything was clear. I just went through a CT scan, lab work, and a chest x-ray just a week ago and got the all clear. Tonight I had my wife pressing the muscle in my lower abdomen to see if she felt the hard lump I "thought" I felt. Lord, that woman is a saint. I think it is the minds natural coping mechanism after dealing with something as traumatizing as cancer. In a way, we're subconsciously trying to keep on the lookout for cancer, which for most of us, surprised us all at once before. I'm no doctor, just some country boy psychoanalysis. Remember, it never hurts to ask your doctor - and to share your worries/questions/fears with us. That is truly what is so wonderful about this board. Good luck.


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          Thanks again for all your info. I know that it is most likely nothing , My neck is swollen on the left side it seems to get bigger when I get stressed people at work see it and tell me I'm growing another head and then tell me to go to a doctor , which makes me start thinking it is the cancer, Then the stress builds. I take half of a valium and my pain lessens <I tried paxil for 9 months but it did't do anything plus a few other anti depressants. but they all did nothing.Before I got cancer the doctors said that my problem with my swelling of the neck was from depression but I wasn't depressed at least i didn't think I was , so I took the pills.Dr bajorin from Sloan Kettering told me when I first went to him that tc cancer travels to your neck area and heads towards your collar bone that is why I think I get stressed when my neck swells. I repair high line watches for a living and sitall day slightly bent over that could also be why my neck swells but no other watchmakers have that problem. Oh well time for a Jack Daniels and coke>...


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            Hi Tom.
            Sorry to hear about your neck swelling, I would doubt is is associted with TC. I do recommend that you get a second opinion to get closure.. There has to be sone explanation.
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