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Discomfort later down the line?

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  • Discomfort later down the line?


    My fiancé had an orchiectomy two and a half years ago, and still gets some discomfort in his general groin area on the other side. I think it's mainly tingling and is in the general area rather than a consistent place.

    Has anyone else had anything like this?

    He has a prosthetic, and was wondering whether it might be caused by that banging up against his testicle?

    We have spoken to the doctors about it and they don't seem worried, but never seem to come up with a consistent explanation either!


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    I had same problem still one year after surgery and still have sometimes. I was in a big panic first weeks but later on I also found no apropriate explanation at my doctors. The best explanation was given to me by one woman who is physiotherapist and explain to me that other part of muscles in abdomen must work harder now, because scarr tissue on surgery side is not so flexible.
    I also have silicon prosthesis and somehow I feel discomfort sometimes. I also wonder sometimes if would't be better to be without this but now it is what it is.
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