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Ready to start a family...but where to begin?

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  • Scott
    Retrograde ejaculation means that semen doesn't exit the body but gets diverted into the bladder. Sometimes antihistamines can be enough to tighten the bladder and prevent this from happening. Other fertility procedures may help when this doesn't work. See this link for a little more information.

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    started a topic Ready to start a family...but where to begin?

    Ready to start a family...but where to begin?

    My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer 10 years ago, resulting in the removal of his testicle and a diagnosis of retrograde ejaculation. We were married a few months ago and always agreed that we would have a family one day. We are both young (under 30) and I would like to start the process of finding out what our options are...however my husband is less enthusiastic about going to see a fertility specialist. We were told that all we needed to do was to start taking sudafed and that would hopefully help with his ejaculation, however that seems too simple of an answer. Has this ever helped anyone and if so, how much did you need to take and for how long? What else have men tried to help with retrograde ejaculation and trying for children? Does this usually mean that he has a low sperm count or no sperm? HELP!!!
    Anxious wife