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  • terratoma

    i was diagnosed in 1997 with a terratoma that had spread to my lymph nodes, i had tumors the size of a melons. Iwas given 5 lots of BEP and had 4 operations to remove tumors. after treatment and 6 years in remission i now have to start all over again as it has returned with elevated AFP and another tumor thie size of a golf ball in my chest, has any one had this and how did they feel as i feel like i have rewound a tape and started to play it again

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    Hi, Sean,

    Welcome to the Forums! So sorry to hear you are back in this boat again. Just for the information of our non-British members, "teratoma" in the UK is different from the way in which that term is used elsewhere. In the UK "tereatoma" is synonymous with "nonseminoma".

    If you haven't already done so, I would suggest that you subscribe to TC-Net, which is a listserv group with a lot of guys who have been down every road imaginable with TC. Instructions for subscribing can be found at the home page of the TCRC.

    I'm sure you will hear from other members who have dealt with recurrences, though I'm not sure whether any of our group has had any that were so late.

    Glad you found us, hope you will stick around and keep us posted. Do you know yet what your treatment plan will be?

    (BTW, Sean, I am going to move this thread over to the "Survivors and Partners" Forum, where it may be of help to others who are facing, or concerned about, recurrence...)
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