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  • Teri
    Guest replied
    Hey, Phil,

    Last time Paul went to the urologist, we got the report from an ultrasound of his remaining testicle that showed a small "calcification". The urologist was wondering whether that had also showed up on the original ultrasound (since it was not mentioned in the radiologist's report). He asked us to bring in the films from both so he could compare them. He did not seem terribly concerned that they were precursors to cancer, though, he was apparently interested enough to keep an eye on them.

    If I find out anything more about this I will post.

    (BTW, I am going to move this thread over to the Survivors and Partners Forum for those folks who might also be concerned about these calcifications.)
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  • phillymorris
    started a topic calcium


    hiy guys.

    had a scan on my other testicle today after i found some small hard pin head type spots. they found lots of small calcuim spots in my testicle. the urologist says there is a risk they could cause cancer . this maybe the reason i lost the other. any of you guys heard of this before as the doctor says they have been looking at this mor in the sates..

    love to all