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TC then leukemia and now ITP

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  • TC then leukemia and now ITP

    I was diagnosed with T/C in may of 03' I went through 4 rounds of BEP and was complete by AUgust of that same year. things were fine with thexception of some neuropathy and weight gain unitl Jan of 05' It was at this time that I was diagnosed with AML M4 with an inverted 16 xsome and extra 22nd xsome. This was most liekly casued by the Etopiside. I made it through the treatment by the skin of my teeth. Now as a result of the leukemia I have a lymphatic problem that has caused ITP. will it ever end? I mean what a slap in the face. My questions are, Has anyone else here experienced the same or know of any one who has experienced anything similar as far as side effects go? I would appreciate any info I could get on this matter.
    diagnosed 5/13/03 left I/O Pure embrynal cell BEPx4 completed 8/19/03 diagnosed AML M4 1/24/05 Duke university for 6 mos. high dose cytarbine and donarubcin Remission from TC and AML august 05'

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    I have no experience in this, and side effects from chemo worries all of us.
    so sorry you're having these troubles, i hope it all works out, as im sure it will.
    Non-Seminoma, Stage II
    Right Guy Removed
    4X BEP ending 6/3/2005
    RPLND 7/1/05