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  • retrograde and more question…

    Hello, I am a 37 yr old healthy male who had testicular cancer 5 years ago. The lympth node removal left me with retrograde. My concern is this - The feeling I had during ejaculation stayed the same but with no discharge, but I could feel the fluid shoot back into the bladder and I would have to urinate after sex. It felt like it may shoot out then it just didn't - thus retrograde. Now for the past 6 months when I ejaculate I do not feel the fluid anymore - I just have the orgasm with no feeling of the fluid shooting anywhere and I do not have to urinate after sex. I also have a pain in my left groin side centered between my penis and belly button, especially after sex. I thought it was a pulled muscle but I now believe it is a blockage. I had an MRI done by my doctor and it showed a proteinaceous cyst of the left seminal vesical region. It measures 3.2x1.3x3.0 cm and demonstrates marked hypersensitivity on the T1-weighted sequence and does not enhance - whatever that means! There are a few small left inguinal lymph nodes, the largest of which measures 0.9x1.4 cm, not pathologically enlarged. Could this cyst be causing the pain and blockage feeling? I keep telling my urologist it feels like there is a blockage but he does not feel it is the cyst and not providing answers. I am not happy with him at all. I am seeking a second opinion with other urologists. This is concerning me alot and I need to find out what to do and who to talk to and what other circumstances could cause this feeling or lack of feeling the ejaculate. My erections are fine. It is just this pain in the left side that has me concerned. Has anyone had this experience or know what direction I should head in?
    Thank You.