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Random aches and pains

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  • Random aches and pains

    Hi everyone,

    The last time I posted was just before I underwent 20 bouts of radio so here's just a quick summary. After my brother had a false alarm I decided to check myself, found a lump, went to the doc, rushed into hospital that night!!! The speed that everything happened in was dizzying.. "sign this", "take this", "do you understand what we're going to do to you?". My life changed so quickly that I went into meltdown many times within the first week after my op (but I expect that's common) Since then I've been through the full range of emotions that so many others in this forum have already shared, it's been real ugly at times but I'm now past everything. I've had my radio and my first monitoring test which came back "perfectly clear" as my urologist put it

    However, since I first had my operation I've had random aches and pains that start up and go away. None can be explained by anything that I can think of as they go away as quick as they start up. It used to happen several times a day, the first of which were "phantom" pains that felt like lefty was back and hurting as I remembered before the op. I used to worry about this pain until I went looking for the source of it only for it to disappear the moment I "proved" to my brain that lefty was definitly gone. The pain would occasionally move over to righty, which worried the living daylights out of me however it wouldn't stay for long as I could never find a lump and relaxed soon after checking.

    Eventually I stopped getting pains down there and began feeling pain in certain spots in my chest underneath various moles from time to time, I asked my radiologist at the time and he said there was no reason to be concerned, sure enough the pain would go away and never return and there was never any change in the mole itself, nor was there ever a tender spot that indicated where the pain came from.

    As I type this I know in my head that the pains have been psychological and that I've never actually found the source of any of the pains felt so I'm not really concerned most of the time. The issue I face is that when a pain sets in (now less frequent) it feels real enough to worry me at times and I end up stressed out thinking my fight is far from over. This worry has lead to bad eating a sleeping habits lately and I often get headaches when that happens, you can imagine how a bad headache adds to the worry when feeling a random pain elsewhere.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this sort of thing?
    Left I/O - Stage 1 Seminoma - 25th of August 2005
    RT - 20 days - Finished 10th of November 2005
    First follow up clean

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    I did chemo so it could be much different but I had random aches and pains for about 2 mos after my last session. I just went away after a while.

    I still have some pain from my two ops though.