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    Just wanted to know if anyone has used their banked sperm? My urologist seems to think that my wife and I would have had a very small chance of conceiving without some fertility help given my low sperm count and volume pre-I/O. I'm concerned with spending a great deal of money on procedures with questionable results. The doctor gave us a couple of options with IVF and IUI.

    Also, I was curious if anyone saw a dramatic improvement after their I/O in their sperm counts or is my pre-I/O test pretty much going to be it for me?

    Thanks for the help
    Brian Kurth
    Right I/O - 6/10/04
    Stage I Pure Seminoma
    14 sessions RT - 7/29/04

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    Hi Brian,

    My boyfriend Eddie was diagnosed with tc last Sept and we began sperm banking immediately. His first two times he recorded a could of 11 million and 15 million active sperm, before the orchiectomy. The bank said anything over 10 million is normal, so we were happy with that. We hadn't been abstaining, esp the first time since it was the day he was diagnosed.

    The third and finally banking came after his orchiectomy and he had 54 million active sperm! So, in our experience, it was actually more after the surgery. The doctors told us it should not affect the count.

    I know it can be expensive, but we are not even close to having kids but want the option later on (I'm 25 and he's 27). I'm not sure what your doctor told you about odds or what your situation is, but I've had 3 cousins born from in vitro fertilization and think the technology is there now to make it very successful.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
    Girlfriend of Non-Seminoma, Stage III
    Orchiectomy, Chemo BEPx4 2003
    RPLND 3/04