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Liver and testosterone treatments

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  • Liver and testosterone treatments

    G'day All,
    I have an extremely low testosterone level and low libido (caused from taking Effexor I suspect)
    My liver has shown from blood tests over the last 5 years to be above normal readings,the results have not changed over this time but my Doc suggests I have a liver that is highly susceptible to alcohol.
    I love a beer on a hot day and a good red with a fine meal which is part of my lifestyle I would not like to depart from.
    My Doc refuses to prescribe any testosterone treatment because of my raised liver levels saying that these treatments increase the risk of liver damage
    I have not raised this issue with my Doc for a few years now..Is there any treatment available that doesn't have an effect on the Liver???
    Any help would be most appreciated.
    Cheers Paul

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    G'day yourself Paul,

    Yoour doctor was talking about one of the therapies for Testo deficiency.
    There are other available in Oz. There are injections or daily gels.
    Neither attack the liver, or metabolise in it as the pills your doc was on about do.

    So, you need to tell him about Androgel and I think Sustanon 250 and 100 are both available over there.
    I prefer the gels, but others prefer weekly injections.

    Either way, if you do not get your deficiency treated, you are on the road for more ill health.

    I hope it helps,

    Oh and by the way...WE WON THE ASHES!!!!

    good luck!

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      G'day again and thanks for the info Nick. The medication my Doc was talking about at the time was Andriol if I remember correctly.
      I'm definitely going to bring up these medications you have suggested next Docs visit. To be honest I haven't discussed the situation about my low testosterone for some 2 years or more...These treatments are all new to me.

      Mate i wouldn't have bet on you guys winning the ashes...On paper I thought we had the better side
      Congrats mate, England played a top game and deserved the win.
      Thanks again for your help Nick
      Much appreciated
      Cheers Paul


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        I agree with Nickohs.

        Even if liver damage werent an issue, the oral forms are the least effective of all the routes of administration and not the option you would want to go with anyway. Methyltestosterone, (oral) if used for sustained periods of time, can damage the liver. The Physicians Desk Reference cites several different forms of liver damage from high dose methyl- testosterone including liver cancer, cholestatic hepatitis, and other liver diseases. Even if your liver is perfect, the oral route is to be avoided.


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          Thanks Guys

          Thanks for your help Stitch After doing a bit of research it seems to me the Androgel will be what I'll go for.
          One thing for sure is that my libido needs a boost...I don't expect miracles but any improvement would be a bonus. Not only is my testosterone level low but the Effexor I take for Agoraphobia and panic disorder have a nasty side effect of making orgasm difficult.
          It's like a numbness that dulls the enjoyment and sensation, I'm also very low on energy,sleep way too many hours and find any normal chore an extreme effort.
          I'd like to get hold of Androgel asap but my doc has gone on a 6 week vacation so looks like I'm in for a wait...
          Thanks again for all the helpfull advice.
          Cheers Paul


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            When my doc was out for 2 months having a baby,

            she had a physician's assistant who worked in the same clinic take over seeing her patients. The P.A. was even able to prescribe new meds for me. Just something you might want to ask about, especially if your regular doc might be reluctant to prescribe the Androgel. I myself can't stand waiting for anything, so I would at least call his nurse or administrator and ask.


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              My husband was on Halotestin, an oral pill, for probably 15 years. It is my understanding that it is banned now. He had liver tests as frequent as testosterone tests. There was a dramatic change in his emotional and physical well-being went he went on to Androderm and then Androgel. I think Androgel will give you the "boost" you are looking for. Quite frankly, now at 61, he is like 16 and I am, well, like 60! You guys (and your partners) are lucky they have improved the therapy so much. Dianne
              Spouse: I/O 8/80; embryonal, seminoma, teratoma; RPLND 9/80 - no reoccurrence - HRT 8/80; bladder cancer 11/97; reoccurrence: 4X
              Son: I/O 11/04; embryonal, teratoma; VI; 3XBEP; relapse 5/08; RPLND 6/18/08 - path: mature teratoma


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                Thanks Dianne

                Well if Androgel can make me feel 15 instead of 51 all I can say is LOOK OUT

                The clinic where my Doc is does have other physician's but I'm going to make an appointment with my regular Doc as he bulk bills me. Being on a pension every cent counts so I'll catch him first up when he returns from vacation.
                Will keep you all posted....I'm really looking forward to feeling an improvement in my over all well being.
                Thanks again for all the wonderful input.
                Much appreciated
                Cheers Paul


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                  Started today

                  G'day All,
                  I've just recieved my script for Testogel 5mg and have applied the first dose of gel today.
                  I know everyone is different in the way treatments work for each individual but how long should I expect before noticing any improvement ??
                  I have a follow up appointment with my doc in 2 months for a blood test to check all is ok...I must admit the side effects list printed in the pamphlet that came with the Testogel looks a bit daunting but I'm sure they are rare.
                  I'm looking forward to feeling like a new man I will let you all know how I'm coping in the following weeks.
                  Cheers and thanks for all the helpfull advice


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                    it will take a couple of days to get a good base line. one thing i've noticed since switching to the gel is if i miss a day it really puts me down. so try and take it as you need it and only as much as you need. you may need to play with it a few days to see if the dose is the right amount. best of luck! brian
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