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  • Fish
    The reference range for testosterone may vary somewhat depending on the lab that does the test, and the lab should provide their reference range along with your results.

    That being said, I have seen published ranges of 241 - 827 ng/dl, 350 - 1030 ng/dl, and also 437 to 707 ng/dl, by any of these standards, yours seems low. Hopefully the endo will figure out what's causing the low levels.

    Keep us updated.

    Best wishes,

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  • Coach Rak
    started a topic Need some help

    Need some help

    Its been awhile but im back. Ive been taking androgel for about 3 months when i started my Testosterone levels were at 174. My urologist put me on 5 grams of androgel daily. After a month i was retested and my levels has somehow fallen to 162. The urologist then upped the dose to 7.5 grams and i was retested again last week and somehow now i am at 151. My urologist has no explaination for this and is now turning me over to a endo. I know that i wil have blood drawn but what are they looking for and what are the proper levels that i should have? Any and all help is appreciated.