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  • androgel

    Hello everyone,

    I have begun using androgel daily. I would have to say that i am feeling much better. It has been about two weeks using one package per day. My particular perscription is, 5 grams 1% the suggested use is apply the entire contents to the shoulders and forarms. I also took some advice i recieved here and have consulted with another urologist who seems determined to help.
    I simply was not satisfied with my last doc who could only comment that "maybe your testosterone is a little low." My remaining testicle appears perfectly healthy which is normally sufficient for testosterone production when i see the doctor this week we are going to go over my latest blood test that includes my LH levels to see if my pituitary gland is working correctly. There has to be a reason for this sudden drop close to two years after my surgery. The leydig cells that are responsible for testosterone production are usually very tough and continue working unless there is a serious injury or some other disorder.My last test said i had a total testosterone serum of 265, a month earlier it was 318. It's true that levels fluctuate a lot but i know that this is too low for me.
    Thanks to everyone for the advice you've given me some good information to take with me when i see the docs. It's true that it's hard to get attention for testosterone issues unless you are persistent.

    Thanks Curtis

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    Hi Curtis,

    I am pleased someone listened!

    It is not unusual for Testosterone levels to drop a couple of years past the I/O. I have some research on that.

    It seems Urologists are really getting on the ball, (excuse the pun), with this. Certainly their conferences recently have been stages of awareness.
    Some Endocrinologists seem to be stuck in the past, unaware of the problem.

    I apply my gel to my sides, which is also a suggested place of application. I find it easier, the skin is softer and appears to absorb well.

    If you experience a "dip", this again is normal, but will mean an increased dose.
    Some doctors are beginning to prescribe HCG, as well as Androgel, to maintain production from the remaining testicle.

    I hope it helps,


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