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    Well, we just got Chris' Testosterone number.....584...pre orch it was I don't get why he has had some problems with being down....I almost hoped it was that...but I am glad it wasn't...I am glad we knew the numbers from before I can I guess that is good right???????.M

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    I'll try and clear the picture for you.

    The time of day is very important to Testosterone levels. If the two tests were taken at differing times of day, say one in the morning and one in the afternoon, it could explain the difference.

    Secondly, I am not a great fan of pre-op baselines, unless they are qualified by LH and FSH tests. It is known that T levels are adversely affected by Testicular Cancer.
    Therefore, unless one can demonstrate the LH and FSH components of the Testosterone feedback system are satisfied and low in their ranges, it is not possible to say a baseline is a good indicator of where things should be.

    Equally this current reading may, or may not be right, Clearly there are some symptoms, which could be attributed to low Testosterone. LH and FSH readings to qualify the current T level is very desirable.

    It can be a royal pain finding the right dose. I know guys with no testicles who are happy on one pack of gel a day. I am ready to kill at that level, if only I could find the energy. Equally, I know guys with one testicle who are on less than a pack a day and others who need more than one.

    It is beyond the scope of doctors to suggest experimenting with the dose until it is right, but it is not beyond the wit of the patient. I did it until I got the right dose.
    I increased my dose a little, waited a month or more to evaluate honestly, then adjusted the dose again. I simply told my doctor what worked for me and he was more than happy to prescribe to that dose, which is now 2 packs a day.

    I do not suggest this is what your son needs, but its a fact that he is best placed to know if he feels good. He could try decreasing first as he has a testicle. It is a myth by the way to say that Testosterone therapy suppresses natural production. This only applies with persistent overdose as in the case of pellets and injections.

    Having said all that, is it possible there are other reasons for the symptoms? It's not unusual for the psyche to be affected with new doubts and questions never before contemplated. Maybe there is some of that going on too?

    Irrespective, as I said to my doctor, when it comes to Testosterone Deficiency, you must get the physical aspect of replacement right, before trying to fix anything going on in the mind.

    He actually agreed

    I hope this helps,

    The Testosterone Deficiency Centre

    Associate Editor
    The Testicular Cancer Resource Center

    Director and writer
    A Ball Dropped


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      Is total testosterone the only number they gave you?

      Did they test his free testosterone, estrodoil (estrogen), percentage of free T to total T, LH, FSH and so on? I would request these measurements also. Total testosterone by itself doesnt tell you the whole story, as Nickohs explained. For example, 2 months after initiating my treatment of TRT, I was having the same (or worse) symptoms of low testosterone as when I was untreated (beginning baseline total T 250 in morning blood draw). 2 months into treatment my total T was approx 1000, free T approx 300, which was about perfect, but my estrodoil was over 80- (should be 20 or below for men). My T levels were great but my elevated estrodoil (estrogen) negated all the effects so I felt as bad or worse than before. This is just one example of why you need a lot more info than just total T. Please keep us all updated. Good luck and God bless-Stitch