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testosterone replacement and hair loss

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  • testosterone replacement and hair loss

    I have been reading a few posts and am a bit unclear about the hair loss associated with testosterone replacement. I am using androgel right now (but could be changing). Does anyone know what risks are associated with androgel with respect to hair loss?

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    Hi Steve:

    If you carry the gene(s) for male pattern baldness, testosterone (or one of its metabolites) appears to be a trigger for hair loss. It shouldn't matter if the testosterone comes from you testicles or from and tube or injection. Conversely, testosterone usually increases hair growth on other areas of the body ie: armpits, chest, pubic area, face, legs...

    Interestinly after usting Testim for 2.5 years and almost always putting it on my right arm and shoulder, I have had an increase in hair growth in that area.

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      for awhile i thought my hair was thinning.................only to find out my head was just getting fatter!!!!!!! hahaha
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