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lost both testicles ... experience with testosterone replacement?

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    Nebido use-experience?

    My husband lost both testicles at 26. He is starting a wash out period for a Nebido study. Can any of you give us some guidance on what to expect? He cannot use Androgel-rash reaction, so we have been stuck with Delatestryl 250mg every 2 weeks. We are hoping for less frequent shots. The study will inject with 1000mg every 12 weeks. Thanks in advance for anything you can offer!


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      Hi Diana,

      Firstly, I run a support group exclusively for men who have lost both testicles. Your husband is welcome to join. I hope he has a sense of humour. It tends to be our tool for overcoming what is a serious shock to the system, both physically and mentally. There are about 25 members in this exclusive club, we lovingly term The Flatbaggers Club. The support group is as private as I can make it on the web, and access is strictly controlled by me. I don't want to be a Hitler, but, sometimes, a guy has to find a place he can share and be open. Sometimes, its the first time he has had that experience of sharing issues surrounding his "manhood".

      To practical matters. There are other options to the trial, already on the market and available. I have nothing against the trial, but it is only fair you know all the facts.
      The reason your husband is having problems with Androgel is because he is one of the unlucky ones. Many men have no problem with it.

      Option 1:
      Striant:. Its an oral application that sticks to the gum. In truth, I have had mixed reports on its efficacy and would not advise it for a guy with no testicles.

      Option 2: Testim. This product has a different delivery system to Androgel, but has the inconvenience of being sticky. I have switched to it now to be honest. Although it is a nuisance, I have devised my own method of losing the stickiness. I was able to share this info with the distributors of that drug in the UK today oddly enough.

      If testim fails, and you will know within a fairly short space of time, then perhaps pursue the trial route. Alternately, there may be other trials more suited to your husband. I'd have to look and find out.

      email me privately by all means.

      Best wishes and though I always hate saying it, please invite your husband on my behalf to join the celebrated Flatbaggers Club to which I humb;ly wlecome him, whether he needs to talk to guys like him, or not.

      best wishes,

      The Testosterone Deficiency Centre

      Associate Editor
      The Testicular Cancer Resource Center

      Director and writer
      A Ball Dropped


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        Try injecting 250mg Test E IM every 4-5 days! You'll like it.