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  • testicular cancer

    my partner has testicular cancer approx 12 years ago, he was treated & has an operation to remove 1 testie, he has just recently found 1 a lump & we are awaiting blood test results & an appointment for an ultrasound, anyway my question is that if he has to have the other testie removed will he have normal sexual function as he is only young & is worried about this? thanks

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    Sorry to hear that, let`s hope that it`s not cancer again.
    Yes he will have a complete normal sexlife but of course not be able to have children.
    He will have to have hormones replacement for the rest of his life.
    Best wishes

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      thanks kurt

      for you reply, will he be able to orgasm normally & ejuculate normally or not, sorry to be so blunt!


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        Thats ok we have to say and ask things thats on our minds.
        For me everything is 100% normal, but I know that some
        have problems if they have to have what they call rplnd
        but since I don`t now much about it I don`t want to go
        futher in to it, but I`m sure someone else will help you.
        By the way here is a good site to read
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        Best wishes

        2 x tc.
        Right 1984 pure seminoma stage 1 20 x radiation
        Left 2004 pure seminoma stage 1 surveillance.


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          I have had both testicles removed also, and yes everything functions properly -- as long as hormone replacement is adequate. Hormone replacement can sometimes take several months or longer to get the correct dose and it's important to have a doctor who will work with your partner on this.

          In 1988, my first TC, I had an RPLND, nerve sparing type, and did not have any problems with ejaculation. In a some cases, after RPLND, retrograde ejaculation occurs. There is usually no change in orgasm, but the semen goes into the bladder rather than exiting the body. There are some drugs that can help with this condition.

          But we're way ahead of things, your partner might not have cancer. So, let's hope for the best and think about everything else only if you have to.

          Best wishes and keep us updated.

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            Everything works normally, even after both testicles are removed. I note that my sex drive is not quite what it was before the surgeries, but I am still interested in sex. I also note that sensations are dimished for me, but not enough that it impacts my functioning in any way. I do seem to have a little less semen.
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              everyone for your replies, it helps, we got the blood test results back today & they didnt show anything bad up - yay. But he still has to have the ultrasound which we are awaiting our appointment for.


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                what was the pathology of his first diagnoses? did he have any treatments after the first I/O? as far as my function everything has been quiet normal!! hope things turn out for the better. many thoughts and prayers, Brian!
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                  with his first treatment

                  he had one of his testi removed, he had a teratoma & cemo for approx 3 months, this was approx 12 years ago & he has been fine ever since, until this. Just because the bloods test results have come back fine that does now mean it wont be cancer does it? I am staying positive & trying not to jump the gun, just acquiring info. Thanks
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                    Hopefully everthing will be fine, but if he does have to have the other testicle removed there is still great life. From a female perspective there is no difference and my husband is happy with his hormone replacement therapy and his sex life after I/Os! Hang in there.