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I started Androgel today

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    They haven't said what they thought the cause was of my low t-levels, just that with some men it can drop rapidly in their 30's out of the blue. I've been going to Northwestern Memorial in Chicago, which is highly rated, so to this point I've trusted what they've been doing...

    They also said at my last blood drawing that they start on the lowest dosage and up it if needed, sounds like it needs to be up from what I'm gathering. It stinks, my concentration and motivation have been so bad the last 9 mos while regular dr's just told me I was 'depressed' that I finally wound up losing my job the day after I was diagnosed- you gotta laugh at it though.

    What are the common positive effects of a-gel when you feel it 'kick in'?

    A friend of mine I found out is also on it for 3 years now, he said he lost alot of fat and gained a good bit of muscle within a short amount of time, I haven't noticed that or any physical or mental changes thus far.


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      i personally was tired alot, depressed, lack of concentration, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, bad moods alot. when i first started HRT, i was doing the injections and within a coupl of days of switching to the gel i saw immediate results in my energy levels increasing, happier, and started to see aloss in body fat. i started the gel in january/february(i can't remember exactly) and also i was exercising 4-5 times a week but i dropped about 40lbs to date. i am at 250 now and 290 in january. i know it has helped my metabolism. all in all, it has been a 360 degree turn around. you will just be more of the person you were before. whether it was 5 years ago or five months. you will just feel better about yourself and life in general!!!
      diagnosed 01/15/2005 bi-lateral seminoma stage IIa,4cm lymph node, right I/O & partial left I/O mar/2005, 18 days of radiation, remaining left I/O- aug/2005, surveillance, Wife did IVF oct/2005, DAD OF BABY GIRL born 08-02-2006!!! testosterone implants May 2008


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        Well, got my test back and with the 5mg dosage it went from 257 IIRC to 329......WOW, really big jump ( ). Started on 7.5 dose on Tuesday morning. Not that I really feel that much different, think I just drank too much coffee this morning - 2 cups v/s none usually. The fatigue from riding my bike quite a few miles the past few days is really catching up with me I guess
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          Question about Androgel

          I started Androgel about 3 days ago. I take 5mg with those single packets. Before I was prescribed this I was taking alot of different meds for bipolar and switched meds like crazy within a 2 month period. Was hhospitalized for bipolar a large part of my life but most affected by depression. I started seeing a new doctor who has a great reputation and has helped a friend of mine who also has bipolar. Anyhow he took me off most the meds I was on and prescribed stuff like fish oil,vitamin d3 and gave me a shot of b12. I also take 100mg lamictal that is used for bipolar but the 1 pill is really a next to nothing dosage. He also prescribed me adderal with was switched from concerta to give me a boost in the morning. I ended up switching to adderal because he doucle my concerta and it could not be refilled within the month. I just wasnted something so I would not go without. I also take a very low dose of valium..2mgs. Before I even started seeing this doctor no other doctor had me tested for low t which was low..not too sure the number. Before I saw the new doctor I also had started tingling in my hands. right hand is worst..IT's just the two outer fingers though that I have the tingling and little numness in. Could it be from going off all those mental illness drugs or low t that I have the tingling? I am a worry wort and 36 yrs old. I am just looking for answers and not even sure I want or how I would handle if they are bad. Can anyone tell me if they know anyone that has had bipolar or depression that androgel has helped. I don;t notice a change really but I was told to wait for a month before noticing any results. I don;t feel any side effects so far so I'm greatful for that but the tingling scares me and the medical doctor doesn;t seem to concerned with that..Sorry about my spelling if.

          thank you..This is a great forum and lucky to have found it. Please if you have any insight I would love to hear..