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Any Good Endocrinologists near Atlanta

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  • Any Good Endocrinologists near Atlanta


    Like the title suggests. I'm looking for an endocrinologist in the Atlanta area ( within 50 miles). Anyone know one who they believe to be (in order of importance):

    1. Knowledgeable about TC
    2. Knowledgeable about Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    3. Really listens to their patients.
    4. Actually reads the file and doesn't treat you like a number.

    I was diagnosed with my 2nd TC 3 years ago. In the survellience protocol and doing well. Been to two different endo's several years back and they both were diagnosing 'by the book'. Had no idea who I was - nor did they care to find out. I felt like I was treated like a barcode. They did not read my file and kept wanting to prescribe drugs unrelated to the TC (Lipitor, etc)

    I believe my Androgel dose needs to be reviewed. Everyone I know who uses an 'endo' is for diabeties. I would welcome any input on locating a better Dr. near Atlanta than I was able to find.

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    Nick O Hara runs a good Web site on testosterone therapy. I can't remember it now, but there are links on the Testicular Cancer Resource Center's site. It includes a link to a nationwide list of endocinologits and urologists who are supposed to be well-versed in testoterone-replacement therapy.

    I'm now on 10g of Testim, increased from 5g. Good luck.
    Right I/0 March 30, 2005
    Left I/O April 20, 2005
    Embryonal carcinoma, teratocarcinoma
    Surveillance since May 19, 2005


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      Thanks for the lead.