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Question about Testosterone treatments... (not on any yet)...

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  • Question about Testosterone treatments... (not on any yet)...

    Hi Folks..

    I am soooo glad I found this forum. Geez, the moodiness, the sweats, .... This has been one of the hardest things to diagnose until I found this forum....

    Just found out my levels are:
    Total: 220
    Free: 40
    FSH: 26.3

    Did the "Origamy" as I call it. No RPLND. Went to 4 rounds of Chemo (EP). Am now 5 months post chemo.

    Now I'm confused because my primare care Dr. said he thinks I should wait before trying any 'treatment'... He thinks if I wait a bit thinks might 'stabilize' back to normal. This roller coaster has been going on for about 6 weeks now, how much longer is it gonna last?

    What are the pros/cons/side affect, the good, the bad, the ugly? of using androgel or one of the other 'drugs'?


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    Highlander, welcome to the forum!! I hope all other things are going well for you outside the HRT. Yes, this site is truly a blessing! My experience has been somewhat a rocky road with HRT(hormone replacement therapy). I was doing no therapy up to about 3 months post my first orchiectomy. I would have major mood swings, depression, lack of concentration, forget things alot, and weight gain to name a few. I started with monthly injections of ethanate. At first seemed to work pretty well then there were sudden drop offs. Felt really good the first few days then slow decline downward. I then started doing bi-weekly injections to try and smooth out some of the drop offs. It didn't work! This went on until February of this year until I switched to Androgel. What a difference!!! I saw immediate results with energy levels and most importantly, my attitude and mind set had a 360 degree turn around. Just ask my wife! It has been the best move I could of made. I do the 7.5 dosage which is 6 pumps a day. I rub it into my stomach area and it dries in a matter of minutes. No side affects as of yet. My insurance covers the presription but it is more expensive than the injections. The injections run about $5.00 for a month supply and the Androgel cost me $35.00 every 21 days. If my insurance would allow more than a 30 day dosage that would decrease the cost somewhat but I don't care if cost me my last nickle I would still be doing it! It has helped me that much. NOW, that doesn't mean the other forms would not work for you. The injections are I think the next best source but are a little more inconvenient since someone will have to give it to you. There are implants but from speaking with others here they don't work as good as they lead you to believe. I hope this helps! I fully understand your frustrations and my thoughts and prayers will be with you! Just get started on something and try what best works for you!
    Best of Luck, Brian
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      You can do a search for post by me about using Testim which is esentially the same as Androgel and a little cheaper, or so my insurance says. I'm on 10g (2 tubes) a day.

      But it generally works well for me, and most people on this site who use it. It costs me $100 for a 3-month supply of 180 tubes when I use a mail-order pharmacy.
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        Thanks for your responses everyone.

        The squeaky wheel gets the most grease. Or in this case androgel

        Just got my first dose


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          Highlander: One thing to consider, you may want to use your Androgel in the morning if you work a day job. Some people have a little bit of trouble sleeping if they use it at night, I don't remember that being in the rx info in the box but I have heard from more than one person that it's better to use it in the morning if you are a day person vs the night. Hope all goes well with this for you. It can make a really big difference in how you feel and the ones you live with will notice as fast as you will. Good luck and best wishes for good health. April
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            You should start feeling a big difference in a very short amount of time... Take Care!!!!!!
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              TRUE!! This forum is a blessing! Lucky for you found it in a few weeks - I have been battling this lack of testosterone for a little over 5 years! Just got started on Androgell a couple of weeks ago.

              I am 29 and my level was 257 IIRC. On 5mg right now to see how that works.
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                I just started 5mg of Androgel last week to the day. The first few days were interesting, like I drank a pot of coffee. My mouth also salivated like crazy the first two days, and I had a sort of metallic taste, but that has almost gone away.
                I don't feel quite the perk I had been feeling, so I'm wondering if I will need to up to 7.5mg eventually. I started with a T level of about 180 and had the usual no energy, gained weight, and had a very fuzzy brain. I could barely follow a conversation, so I knew it was time to do something. I'm happy with my decision, still adjusting I think, but still feel MUCH better. I can't wait till the next blood test in a few weeks...still monitor a slight rise in AFP, so I have my fingers crossed.
                Good luck everybody, and keep that androgel pumping! Lucky my insurance only charges me $15 for a two month supply.
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