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  • Normal testosterone level

    Hi, what is a normal range for the testosterone level, and what is the level where you definitively have to do something?

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    it all depends really on your age. all males begin to have a drop in testosterone levels around the age of 35. they say a range of 300-900 is normal. but thats a broad range. what is yours? unlike many because both my testicals were in atrophy when i had a level tested i really didn't know what was normal. i do know now that i was very low before being diagnosed due to alot of symptoms that have been determined since diagnoses. i don't think you can base it on what the doctor tells you is normal. if you feel you need HRT than get it and see what works best for you!
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      I am 43, and my level is 183. My urologist kind of recommended the same thing as you - unless I felt a need to add hormones, he suggested not to add any (but rather monitor the T level in case it were to drop much lower over time). Are there any specific symptoms that should make me consider adding hormones (sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but until a few days ago I had no idea T levels would be an area of concern to me) ?


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        183 definitely sounds low. Typical symptoms include fatigue, decreased libido, weight gain, hot flashes, moodines, slow beard growth. Long term issues can be loss of muscle mass and osteoporosis. You might want to consider seeing an endocrinologist.
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          I agree with everything Fish said. I myself was stuck at 180 for 2 years after my left testicle was removed and the right one was damaged by a cyst.
          I am on my 4th day of 5mg of Androgel. Life is great now!
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            I am 29 and have been on Androgell for a couple of weeks now. My T level was 257 (IIRC). I am having some ups and downs with it, but once I get the dosage leveled out I think all will be well.

            I had the right testicle removed 10-19-01. The last year and a half was really ruff. Major fatigue, loss of concentration and weight gain.

            I hate taking meds, so if you feel fine don't take it
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