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Raised blood pressure - chest pain?

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  • Fish
    The symptoms you describe may or may not be related to your hormone replacement; however, you definitely need to bring them to your doctor's attention ASAP, if you haven't done so. Elevated BP accompanied by chest pain is nothing to fool around with. It might be nothing, but you never know. You could also try to see an endocrinologist if you're not already, as he/she should have more experience with hormone replacement and side effects. That being said, 5g/day is not a whopping dose, and one would think side effects would be minimal.

    Best wishes.

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  • Neon
    started a topic Raised blood pressure - chest pain?

    Raised blood pressure - chest pain?

    I started on Androgel 5g last month. My blood pressure went from about 120/70 to about 140/90. I'm now having some chest tightness & pain. Anyone else have these symptoms with Androgel?
    I'm having my first blood test tomorrow since starting the gel. Other than the BP and chest pain, I'm feeling great - just like I'm 16 again! My performance at work has gone through the roof after being in a real slump. My temper is up a bit as well....given out a few terse answers to dumb questions.