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How does the gel/therapy affect normal production?

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  • nickohs
    T therapy and Testicular Shutdown

    Hi guys,

    Sorry, I should have dealt with this earlier.

    This issue needs to be split into two parts to understand it.

    Firstly, the periodic meds, such as injectables and implants tend to shut down the body's own production. This is temporary however, because cessation normally results in the body picking up production at some later point.

    Secondly, the daily meds, if dosed correctly, actually allow the body to maintain its own production. It is a fine balance but it can be done. This is because the daily meds do get low overnight, which allows the body to try and stimulate production.

    I hope it helps

    best wishes,


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  • stitch
    Testosterone Replacement Therapy might reduce your

    bodies natural T production, but thats not really an issue, in my opinion. Your testicle is not functioning adequately enough to give you a healthy testosterone level anyway, so why does it matter if proper T replacement therapy (TRT) makes your testicle a little less active? A level of 300 is very unhealthy for a young man like yourself. A level that low can set you up for osteoporosis, weight (fat) gain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression, as well as decreasing your quality of life, energy, libido, etc. I don't agree at all with the doctor who said he doesnt like to do TRT "because
    of other problems that crop up" What "other problems"? There are no health risks at all associated with properly monitored TRT, supervised by a physician who checks your complete hormone profile every 6 months, including PSA, estrogen, and hemoglobin. On the other hand, as I said, being androgen deficient can destroy a mans physical and mental health.

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  • MRM
    I'm not sure if that's right. My brother-in-law, who has never had TC, was prescribed Androgel for a few weeks when he was having performance problems. I don't think they would have done that if it shut down his own body's production.

    Some people can have normal levels using only a little bit of supplemental testosterone. Others need a lot more.

    Nick O'Hara Smith runs a good Web site on testosterone problems: I'd ask him.

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  • IowaBrian
    My URO said if you do replacement it will shut down your good (only) testical so I would guess it shuts down all parts of it not just the sperm production.
    I asked him about it at my last visit and he said it is a last resort to do the replacement due to other problems that crop up.
    Good Luck

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  • How does the gel/therapy affect normal production?

    If I make around 300 ng/dl on my own, but need therapy and take 5 mg Androgel....will it 'override' my own production? Or does it 'add' to the bodies own production? Example...if the androgel 5mg makes about 400-500 ng/dl testosterone as an average, and I make 300 average, will my total daily be around 700? Or, will it just be what the gel provides? Sorry if this has been answered before, and thanks.