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Worried about children getting androgel

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  • Worried about children getting androgel

    I was wondering how long the androgel on your skin is "active".
    Suppose my son, daughter or wife touch it?
    I havent used it yet. Just considering it.
    Is there a better option if this is a risk?

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    it says in the Androgel instructions another person shouldn't touch the area at all. A study where folks touched the site, even 2 hours after application, still received some of the testosterone gel.

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      It should be noted the risk is for close, continuous contact. If your skin is dry and it's been several hours since you applied the gel, the risk of transfer is very low.

      It should be no problem to keep a shirt on and keep your children away from the gel. If you need testosterone, Androgel or Testim is the best way to get it, for most people.
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