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Low T - Erection Problems (Hormone Breakdown)?

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  • Low T - Erection Problems (Hormone Breakdown)?

    Hi Guys,

    As everyone will know, i suffered a testicular injury a few months ago (two months to be exact) and my testicle starting shrinking. Due to a childhood injury when younger, my right testicle somehow "stunted" growth during puberty and never enlarged much. It feel's hard (dead?) now and i am going to get it checked on the ultrasound to make sure nothing cancerious has formed in either testicle. I am pretty confident i don't have cancer (no actual "lumps" or "tumors" are present to the best of my knowledge) and also i've only ever had testicle pain with any changes.

    Basically for about 8/10 years of my life, my left testicle become HUGE, heavy and worked fine to bring me through all the "major" changes during puberty. I was always a bit of a late starter as only in the last year (22 year's old) have i started shaving and growing a beard (though very little facial hair still!). I have always been really skinning with little muscle definition and little body hair (hairy legs, pubic area, underarms but not upper body, arms, etc).

    I can eat alot and not put weight on, though i did notice i was developing some abdomonal fat (very little though) and have started wondering if this is due to low T? This started before the testicle injury (with only one fully functioning testicle).

    I have no breast enlargement or anything like that, then again i don't have much muscle mass upperbody wise.

    As my left testicle has started failing (shrinking to the size of a walnut compared to a small patato) i have started feeling alot more tired, weaker and noticed alot of other strange changes in mood and general self "being".

    Since the injury, one of the first thing's i noticed was a lack of "morning wood" (which used to be VERY strong and had regular). After a few week's i noticed that i no longer had daily "semi's" or as many daily erections. When i did manage to get an erection it was never as strong (or easy to get) as before and keeping it "up" was difficult. When i did manage to keep everything "up", everything functioned as normal (orgasm, ejaculation, etc) but i could only really do this once every few days. I have also noticed that my erections have shrunk an inch (or two) since before and maintaining one is difficult.

    When i did manage to bring myself to orgrasm, afterwards i had some strange penis pains which i think are related to having to work harder to maintain the erection. After ejaculation i went to the toilet as normal, but afterwards i was noticing a "dripping" would sometimes occur (though not always) for up to 30mins to an hour afterwards (very strange!). I have heard this can be caused by prostate problems. Ejaculation or Urinating is never painful however and i can't understand what's causing this?

    I still "seem" to have a normal sex drive (intrest in the opposite sex for example) but find getting erections alot more difficult. I have heard however that libido and erection dysfunction are not always related and this can be caused by low T. Can anyone else confirm this? For a guy my age who used to have no problems, this seem's a little strange.

    I have also noticed that my penis is almost always "retracted" and shrunk, which is unlike it used to be (the most noticable change is in girth). I have heard that the penis will hang and have normal blood flow when the free t levels are high (or present). Not sure how true this though.

    Without a proper blood test it will be difficult to evaluate my levels, i will be getting these done next week when i go to see the urologist and will post the results here.

    Can anyone else relate to these symptoms and what advice can be given? Does this sound like low T or something else?

    I do keep good health in general and have a VERY thin/slim build, but i would like to add some muscle mass. It feel's like (at 23) i have "paused" the end section of puberty (facial hair/more body hair) and curious to know if AndroGel will solve this?

    I would really love to have a breakdown of what the T level test's mean. I am a little lost with what the different "tests" do to the body (total, free, etc).

    Once again, thank's to everyone here! This forum will be getting a mention on my next vinyl single release! You guy's are awsome.

    Kind Regards,

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    From your previous posts on other threads,

    it sounds like the doctors you have seen have not shown any interest in helping you. I totally understand how you feel and what you are going through. As I mentioned in one of my own previous posts, many, if not most doctors will refuse to show you the lab report or tell you what your testosterone measurement is. They will insist that you are "fine" and "everything is normal" no matter what your testosterone level is. I honestly have been through what you are going through right now, to the point where I actually had a doctor lie to me about my blood testosteone level. Yes, she did a hormone profile at my request, then lied to me and said my levels were "normal", although she refused to show me the lab report or tell me what the number was. I suspected I was being lied to, so I did follow-up blood work at 2 independent labs that confirmed that my T levels were well below the bottom of the normal range. Yes, doctors DO lie to patients, especially when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. After seeing several GP's and an endo I finally found an honest doctor who cared about me and treated me for hypogonadism. Why is it so had to find such a doctor? I don't know, but to let men suffer needlessly when they can easily be treated is unacceptable and a complete shame and a black eye on the entire worldwide medical community. Whatever you do, don't quit trying. My advice to you is to request blood work not only for total T but also free T, FSH, LH, and estrodoil. If he comes back after the results are in and says "everything is normal", I would ask to see the lab report for each measurement in your hormone profile. That is your right no matter how upset the doctor gets. It is your body, your health, your future. I really hope you get the help you need. Just don't give up no matter how frustrating the process gets. I might be able to offer you some helpful advice and support so please e-mail me any time. God Bless-Stitch
    All the Best,


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      You have the right to request and get copies of your records. Just ask for the form - "Release of Medical Records" - fill it out - and get your labs. If your doctor's office is associated with a hospital, all original records should go to the Medical Records Department and they can take care of getting you copies. Hope this info helps. Nancy
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      TC 2: Left I/O-- 7-19-2006 (100 % seminoma Stage I) - Hormone replacement - Surveillance
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        Huge thanks for the support guy's. I am not going to give up on this, i want to get my old self back, i feel about 80 years old. If you check on the other forum you will see that i posted a thread in the early hours of the morning related with problems urinating. It felt like prostate problems but i cannot be sure. I went into hospital and explained about the lower abdomen pain and constant "dripping" urine problems i was having and was given two kind's of medication.

        I explained everything to the doctor and told him i think i was suffering from hypogondism and low t levels. While he couldn't help me (without blood tests, ultrasound scans, etc) he did seem to agree with me on this! Shame nothing could be done today (for example getting some TestoGel to help me out!).

        Did you notice any of these problems yourself Stitch? Getting an erection being near impossible and (maybe) even prostate problems? I only have a few days now until i see the urologist and really hoping something can be done. I feel rather depressed right now but trying to stay strong throughout this