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Starting Treatment (AndroGel / Hormone Results Included) - Advice Required

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  • Starting Treatment (AndroGel / Hormone Results Included) - Advice Required

    After two months of complete hell, i managed to finally get something done (Thanks to everyone for their support and advice thus far!). I have been put on TestoGel (AndroGel) and told to take 50mg a day (One Sachet).

    My levels had dropped WAY down than the 24.3 NMOL/L i was before and were as follows (without any HRT/TRT):

    Total T : 15.2 NMOL/L (14-40)
    SHBG: 26.0 NMLOL/L (20 - 45)
    Free Androgen Index (FAI) : 58 (70 - 100)
    Calculated FreeTestosterone (CFT) 356.7 PMOL/L (300 - 600)

    FSH : 2.7 IU/L (0.7 - 6)
    LH: 3.9 IU/L (0.8 - 6)
    Estradiol (E2) : 73.0 PMOL/L (55 - 184)
    TSH: 1.9 IU/L (0.4 - 5.5)

    After further investigation it's clear am suffering from primary hypogonadism which was a result of a bilaterial testicular injury. The Dr also noticed i had "paused" at the end of stage of puberty where your muscle tone should improve and bone density should be better (but no real cause for concern at this stage). Also a very strange observation was made that my body was a little more developed on one side than the other (noticable on my back at one side). Ever since suffering the decline in low testosterone i have dropped an inch in height and have chronic back pain to go with it. He think's this coudd be muscle related though and i am thinking the same even though he notice a slight "bend" in my spine. I am hoping i can reverse some of this with the TRT.

    I have also noticed a feeling of "preasure" in my ears and some slight tinitus (slight sound of wind). I never had problems like this before and think it's somewhat related to the low t. Fingers crossed this will be go away when i get the T dosage right as i compose and produce music as my main hobbie.

    I applied the gel last night at around 6pm and started feeling the mental benefits from about 10/11pm. I felt alot better and started noticing the pains in my arm and leg muscles had somewhat vanished. The back pain was still their though, but not as "extreme" as before.

    Getting erections is still tough and my penis has went alot less "full" than before ever since the drop in T it has shrunk a fair bit. Getting erection's is still tough and difficult to maintain, but i have only been on two tubes of TestoGel so far so i don't expect miracles. I guess i will need to give it a week or so before i can start judging the situation.

    The TestoGel drys in well and seem's to work fast because i have very little body fat and pale, thin skin which seem's to help alot. I have had no skin irritation with either application or any rashes or anything. I am glad as this seem's like a good thing.

    I have heard the normal male testicles produce around 7.5/10 a day so surely a 50mg dosage of TestoGel is too low for me on a daily base (I am 23 Years old, 6ft and 9.4 stone)? I have been advised to hold off for a few week's to see how thing's progress with the 50mmg, should i give 100mg a try? Would this make thing's better or worse?

    How long should i wait before showering after applying the TestoGel? When i should i start seeing the full benefits of the HRT? Will this back pain ever go away?

    Any advice or personal experiences would be great. Thanks again for all the support guys!

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    Glad to hear you're finally getting some HRT. It could take several weeks for you to feel the full effects as well as for your levels to stabilize. I wouldn't recommend increasing the dosage, yet. See how you're doing after a couple of weeks.... and after the next blood test to check your levels. That'll give you a good idea of where you're at.

    Best wishes.
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