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  • Testim

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone here uses Testim? I have had some bad experiences with TestoGel (AndroGel) and Andromen cream. I still didn't feel that good with either and felt my blood results were still in the low range. I have been upgraded now to 2 tubes of testim a day. I am picking up the Testim tomorrow from the chemist and really hoping for the best.

    Where do you guy's find the best application site for Testim? I had some problems with skin irritation using TestoGel/Andromen and want to "experiment" a little before jumping into a full body application.

    How did people find physical, mental and sexual function in general when using Testim? I am curious to hear some feedback on this.

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    I've been on Testim since my surgeries, so I can't compare it to anything else, but it works well for me. My T levels are in the 700s with 2 tubes a day, and I have never had any mental or physical function problems.

    The booklet that comes with the meds stongly recommends applying the gel at the upper arms and shoulders, so I would think twice about deviating from that. Some people complain their skin gets too sticky from Testim, but I haven't had that problem.

    I wash my hands twice after rubbing the gel onto my shoulders and wait about 5 minutes before dressing. Right now, about 6 hours after putting it on my shoulders, there is no stickiness on my skin.
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      I agree on the application site, it appears Testim was only validated using arm and shoulder application. I definitely had a problem with T-shirts sticking to the application site. Even if I waited 10 min for the site to dry completely. But this seems to vary by person.

      Best wishes.
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