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Gels, Creams and Skin Reactions

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  • Gels, Creams and Skin Reactions

    Seem's my skin (or body) dosen't seem to like something in AndroGel or Andromen cream. My next course of action is Testim (which has a different formula to the above).

    Just wondering if any of the other guy's have suffered from any kind of skin irritation or vascular disorders due to HRT?

    The strange thing for me was i wasn't getting irritation at the site of the application but rather whole body itching, pins & needles, red rashes and some burst blood vessels on weaker areas of my body (foreskin, elbows, knees and upper chest).

    Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this?

    I have dropped the TRT until the androgel get's out of my system and these rashes go away. I will then monitor more closely the reactions from Testim.

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    I have a feeling your body doesnt like transdermal absorption, seeing as though it is all over your body and not just at the site of application, and also you had it with more then 1 type of product. if I was you I would get an alergies test just incase.
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      When i used leukeran. I use to have this stuff of body itching but the it subsided. However it semed that you lose nothing in doing an allergy test.