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Varicocele + TRT (Performing own surgery?)

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  • Varicocele + TRT (Performing own surgery?)

    I visited another urologist today and he dosen't feel that repairing the varicoceles will help my situation. What angers me about this is the fact that their is medical evidence to support the fact that it WILL help this situation. I also have five personal account's showing that varioceles allow for progressive testicular damage over a period of time.

    I have been reading medical papers and book's for the past 3/4 months and i am considering taking the plunge and doing the operation myself. I feel confident about doing this and will purchase the required tools from the internet. Pain has never been a factor for me and i can deal with alot. I will open the scrotum, tie off the damaged veins and close the open wound (in the simple sense of course). I have a book on performing the operation and i am confident that i can do this on my own.

    If worst comes to the worst i will loose a testicle. This isn't so bad because they don't work anyway and are simply causing alot of pain in the groin region (not to mention stomach). I would prefer to have them removed in the long run but i guess if this operation works then i have nothing to loose. I can then start HGC and get my life back.

    Not a single Urologist (or doctor) has wanted to help me this far and i am getting no support from anyone. With that said i did get support from an anti-aging expert but the testosterone cream is far from perfect and i would prefer to function as i did before.

    I was on TestoGel for a few week's and my results were as follows:

    TSH : 2.1 IU/L (0.7 - 11.1MIU/ML)
    LH: 2.7 IU/L (0.8 - 7.6MIU/ML)
    OESTRADIOL 75 PMOL/L (73 0 273 PMOL/L)
    PROLOCTIN 70 MIU/L (53 - 360 MIU/L)
    Testosterone 25.2 NMOL/L (6.93 - 28.1 NMOL/L)

    I have since moved too two tubes of Testim a day and haven't had blood readings as of yet.

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    Where are you located maybe we can help you find a doctor that help out. I don't think self surgery is the ticket unless you want to die a slow death due to infection which will suck more then the low T problems.
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