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  • Weird feeling

    Hello all,

    I had my IO surgery on September 27. My second ball is undeveloped because of another surgery in childhood (undescended).
    I do not take any testosterone medicine because my urologist thinks that second ball will work fine.
    Lately I’m having weird feeling of my breast. Sometimes it is painful to touch.
    It’s weird feeling. I cannot say that my breast got larger but I never looked at it that way.

    Any ideas?



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    Your getting the 1st symptoms of gynecomastia.
    This happens when your estrogen is too high, left untreated you will need surgery to remove female breast tissue from your nipples.
    It is most likely due to Estrogen dominance from low testosterone, you should benefit from hormone replacement therapy, in the mean time take zinc with alittle vitamin b6, this helps lower estrogen a little.
    Aged 23 ;; 09/06 left I/O ;; Markers normal ;; 100% Seminoma Stage 1. ;; 10x8x16mm & 7x7x8mm ;; rete testis invasion. ;; no vascular invasion. ;; surveillance. ;; HRT.