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Anyone using HCG supplementation to T?

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  • Anyone using HCG supplementation to T?

    With all the talk about HCG supplementation I was wondering how many people are doing it here or have tried. How are the results? Anyone using Dr. Crisler's / Dr. Shippen's protocols?


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    Hey BioMed,

    After reading your post i just remembered i still need to reply to your PM, will dt his tomorrow for sure.

    You've had varicoceles right? This mean's our nut's are somewhat damaged and until they are fixed we need to wait for them to heal. HCG is potent and "should" be able to restore a good bit of size (if not all) if your LH/FSH are still normal. I am praying i don't need to live with pea-sized nut's for the rest of my life. Getting back nut size is important for t levels and sperm production.

    It might be an idea to go on TRT (Test Cyp/E) alongside HCG in our case. I am seriously thinking about doing this. Even going on a good dosage of gel alongside HCG might be wise. This would let us benefit from any testicular health improvements while giving us good body and mind.

    I haven't heard of any other varicocele sufferers doing HCG, i do however know that until the varicocele is repaired a blunted response will occur and this in turn will supress the HPTA further and cause shutdown.

    - Dave