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question about testogel amounts

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  • Michael112
    I was wondering about this also because it seems the optimal dose.
    I would get 2 packets into a syringe and leave it in the syringe, actually I would get a horse syringe and fill up half a box so I wouldnt haveto keep doing it every day.

    I have heard of someone using one dose one day and half the next but I dont think this is a good idea.

    Androgel comes in pumps like a soap pump, maybe you could find an empty pump dispenser prefebly off a pharmacist and just empty a whole box into it, although if you think it would evaporate then its probly not a good idea, and the pump would haveto be measured at like 1gram or 2.5 grams.

    I have an idea, I am gonna ask my doctor is getting a hold of an androgel pump and putting the contents of testogel in there would do the trick.
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  • nomis
    started a topic question about testogel amounts

    question about testogel amounts

    my doc said I should now try 75mg of testogel a day (it comes in 50mg packs). how do i go about this? Do i pour it into a bowl & use a syringe to measure? or should I just guess? The gel in a bowl will evaporate to nothing in a few hour so that seems a waste?
    My wife suggests that I use one sachet one day & two the next & so on, any thoughts on that idea? my only concern about that method is i would have a problem finding enough skin to apply it to! Could i put one pack on then wait till its dry & then apply the next one?????