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  • Testim level question...

    I was told by my Dr. a few months ago that my t level was near the normal range at 400, I had it checked recently and was told that it was in the normal range at 900 and the max range is 1200, is it to much to ask that it be at 1100 to 1200?

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    You can try convince a doctor to have you at the upper limit but then free testosterone will be over its limit, because your level will be that high 24 hours a day whereas if you were that high under natural circumstances you would see a normal decline in the afternoon and night. You need to keep in mind there is consequences of having your T level too high in the long run, I think 900 is high enough itself, plus you need to look at your estrogen levels, if you are having soft erections with a T level at 900 you might need to lower the dosage to keep estrogen in a good healthy range.
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