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    Hello, new to this area, and I have some questions.
    I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in Apr 06, R/IO in May 06, BEPx3, June 06-Aug 06, no problems, aside from nausea and wishing to pass out for 3 months. RPLND to remove residual masses in the Right Lymph nodes in Feb 07. Since then I have had retrograde ejaculation, which the URo has no explaination for as the nerves didnt need to be sparred, in the area. Furthermore my FSH is way too high at 18(1-8), and my testosterone is at the extremely low side of normal at 10 (10-35). This is even causing me to develop what can only be called "man boobs", and painful nipples, as well as a migraine that has run for 10 days now. Any Thoughts??

    Thanks Heaps in advance!

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    HI Jstat,

    First of all, you should mention the migraines etc to your doctor. It may be they will want to look at the Pituitary gland.

    What was your LH?

    Although you had Chemo some time ago, you might meet resistance to what is now inevitable. Some doctors will try to say it is the after effects of chemo.

    I think you will need Testosterone treatment. It is highly unlikely that your remaining testicle will suddenly wake up and restore your levels to a healthy state.

    Gettin there may be a problem. If it is, I am here to help.

    Visit my website for a direct link to me.

    best wishes

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      The migrains are most likely due to the low T level, you should give gels a go, and soon. In the meantime ZMA(zinc magnesium and vitamin b6) should help a little, this got rid of my migraines before starting TRT.
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