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Cryosurgery for Neuropathy

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  • Cryosurgery for Neuropathy

    Has anyone heard of or had cryosurgery for neuropathy? Its an outpatient procedure (also called cryoanalgesia) where the nerves in the foot are frozen quickly. My husband Perry is still having a hard time with neuropathy in his feet after his chemo and I would love to get some feedback on this procedure if anyone out there has tried it. He has a follow up appointment with his Oncologist on 7/23 so we're going to ask him, but would love to hear from everyone else. Thanks!


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    hello stacy

    sorry i didnt find your post earlier. i havent heard of that surgery. i started a med for neuropathy not long ago and its not really doing much. dr. einhorn said ill know in a day or two otherwise it will take time if it comes back at all. with the chemo ive had the damage is great and may just have to live with. the med im on is gabapentin. 300 mg 3x a day. hope this helps
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