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Larger list of symptoms of low testosterone

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  • Larger list of symptoms of low testosterone

    Is there a more in depth site or list somewhere on low testosterone symptoms.

    My husband has been suffering from weight gain, worsening fatuige, now we are adding memory problems and what seems like water retention. Not only does he have dark circles under his eyes but his eyes seem really puffy.

    I'm also looking for a resource on how to con a man in to getting his testosteron levels tested.....stubborn man.

    And his "symptoms" seem to be getting worse every week....does that mean his testosterone levels are dropping even more?

    I've looked at some of the web sites....but none are helping me convince him to get checked.

    Thanks as always!!!


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    6/07-lymph nodes 1.2x1.0 and 1.9x.9
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    They all seem like symptoms except for the dark circles but I guess that would be it aswell, symptoms are diffrent for everyone, I had an odd large list of symptoms which even surprised me.
    I doubt you will find a complete list but some you wont easily come across are lightheadedness, feelings of helplesness, ringing in ears, frequent urination, concerntration and comunication problems, lowered co-ordination, lack of dominance, or appropriate aggresion, increase in inapropriate aggresion, headaches, trouble falling asleep and/or waking up.

    Worsening symptoms could be a sign that levels are getting lower, but I think its possible symptoms could continue to get worse even though the level stays the same.
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