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  • experiences with new gel Tostran

    Ive been using Tostran the new testosterone gel for 2 weeks now (I was on Testogel) & thought id post my findings.
    First off, the pump dispenser is much easier than the packets & Tostran is twice the strength of testogel so only half the amount is required.
    A bit of a laugh is the instruction that tells you to place the gel on the end of your finger then apply it to the correct body area. The "gel" is in fact only slightly thicker than water so just drips off your finger! No real problem I just pump it into my palm then apply as usual.
    My only serious disapointment is the length of time it takes to dry, up to 20 minutes! because of this I am thinking of going back to Testogel as I just cant affort to sit about for this length of time every day!
    Cant say ive noticed any difference in my symptoms so its not like it works any differently.
    So, another promising new product (like Striant) unfortunately let down because of a very simple flaw that really should have been dealt with during the testing! Dont these drug companies ever think of asking real patients for their input??

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    Try rubbing it in for a minute that should work.
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      Originally posted by Michael112
      Try rubbing it in for a minute that should work.
      tried that! it seems to be oil based unlike testogels alcohol base so it just cant dry properly. If they would answer their emails I might get a reply from the distributors Prostanen but I havent even get an acknowlegement.
      If thats the way its meant to be then maybe im getting enough testosterone even if it doesnt dry? Maybe its got a skin moistoriser in it?
      Im just worried that by dressing before its dried I will just be rubbing it all off agin with my clothes!